Baklai Waterfall

baklai falls bandarban

Baklai Waterfall, Bandarban

Baklai Waterfall is situated at Baklai para in Thanchi upazilla in Bandarban. Baklai Waterfall is 370 feet height. Some people think that Baklai Waterfall is the top highest waterfall in Bangladesh. The view of Baklai waterfall is so amazing.

How to travel to Baklai Waterfall

As the Baklai Waterfall is located at Thanchi so the traveler should go to Bandarban first. There are many bus services among the districts of Bangladesh to reach Bandarban. Here we are giving some approximate fares information to the travelers to travel from Dhaka to Bandarban.

Travel from Dhaka to Bandarban

It may cost around 550/- Taka (BDT) to the travelers if they travel by any non-ac bus service. The travel buses usually start at night. The bus service providers may offer new schedule as well. It can be around 6-7 hours journey to go Dhaka to Bandarban.

Travel from Bandarban to Thanchi

Now the travelers have to go to Thanchi by bus or Chander Gari (Jeep) from Bandarban to reach the destination tour spot. It may take around 4.5 hours for the traveler to reach Thanchi. The distance between Bandarban to Thanchi is about 79 km.

Thanchi to Baklai Waterfall

From Thanchi Bazar to Baklai you will pass some para as like Tutong Para, Boarding Headman Para, Kaiton Para etc and it will take few hours. If a traveler wants to climb top of the waterfall it may take an hour.

More info/Contact

For more information you can contact with us via email: or phone. @ +88 01856699910, +88 01856699911 (2pm-10pm).

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