Buddha Dhatu Jadi

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Bandarban Golden Temple

About Buddha Dhatu Jadi

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is a Theravada Buddhist temple also known as the Bandarban Golden Temple. The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is located at Pulpara 4 kilometer from Balaghata town and 10 kilometer from in the remote Bandarban hill district, in Bangladesh. The Bandarban Golden Temple is the largest Theravada Buddhist Temple with the second largest Buddha statue in Bangladesh.

The Buddhist temple is known in local language as kyang. The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is regarded as one of the holy site for Theravada Buddhism followers and Buddhist pilgrims. This religion is practiced by the Marma or Mogh tribal group of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, a dominant ethnic group in Bandarban. They are of Arakan descent and Buddhists by religion.

Buddha Dhatu Jadi

The temple is situated in the hill town of Bandarban, which has two of the highest peaks hills, the Tajingdong (4,000 feet or 1,200 meters) and the Keokaradong (4,632 feet or 1,412 meters) covered with dense forests. Sangu river flows through the town. There is a waterfall nearby. The temple is built on top of a (200 feet or 60 meters) high hill. Construction of the temple started in 1995 and was complete in 2000.

Information for The Visitor

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi temple attracts pilgrims and visitors in all over the world. The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is a part of the Buddhist Circuit Tour promoted by the South Asia Sub regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Tourism Development Project.

There is small pond in the temple named “The Pond of Angels” on the top of a hill. Traveler or tourist can see a total glance of Balaghata and its surrounding natural beauties from here. Many festival is arranged here in every year.

Visitors can hire a rickshaw or auto rickshaw from Bandarban city. It is open from 5 PM to 7PM for the visitors and each visitor is charge 10 taka for entrance. A strict dress code of ‘no shorts and no shoes’ in temple precincts is followed here.

More info/Contact

For more information you can contact with us via email: info@bandarbantours.com or phone. @ +88 01856699910, +88 01856699911 (2pm-10pm).

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