Rangamati is a district of Bangladesh in Chittagong Division. Rangamati is located at South-eastern side of Bangladesh. Rangamati is the largest district of Bangladesh by Area wise. Rangamati is a part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Rangamati hill district is surrounded by Bandarban District on the south, Khagrachari and Chittagong Districts on the west, part of Myanmar and India on the east and Tripura state of India on the north. Rangamati is 77 kilometer away from Chittagong district.

The total area of Rangamati is about 6116.13 square kilometer. In Rangamati district, there are 52 percent peoples are tribal (aborigine) and 48 percent peoples are non-tribal. The local tribes are the Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Murang, Rakhain, Lushai, Khyang, Bawm, Khumi, Chak, Tanchangya and Pankua. Rangamati district has ten (10) upazillas. The upazilas are Baghaichhari, Barkal, Kawkhali, Belaichhari, Kaptai, Juraichhari, Langadu, Nannerchar, Rajasthali and Rangamati sadar.

Rangamati in Bangladesh is a beautiful place for visit. Traveler will discover the full of natural beauties in Rangamati. There are lots of popular tourist spots in Rangamati District of Bangladesh. Traveler can visit Rangamati all the year round.

Rangamati district is the combination of Hills, Jungle, River, Lake and plain land area. Rangamati is a beautiful place for the adventurous tourist. Rangamati is famous for beautiful Landscape, Hills, Lake, Hanging Bridge, Handicraft products, Ivory jewellery, Tribal Museum, Chakma Rajbari, Rajbonbihar pagoda. Main attractions of Rangamati are boating, hiking on the hilly area, enjoying the nature, tribal lifestyle and many more.

Rangamati become robust in the rainy season. Rivers in Rangamati are Karnafuli, Thega, Horina, Kassalong, Shublang, Chingri, Rainkhiang and Kaptai. In the rainy season trees become greener, river has get full wave, waterfalls are in full tide and traveler will watch the most attractive glance of Kaptai Lake. Traveler will find lots of natural waterfalls in the area of Karnaphuli River. Traveler can visit the tribal village and other spot by boat.

Transportation and accommodation system in Rangamati is excellent. There are lots of government and private rest house, residential hotels, motels, boarding and resorts are available in Rangamati for the tourist to stay. There are AC and Non AC bus services in Dhaka to Rangamati. Shyamoli Paribahan, Unique Service, S.Alam Paribahan, Saudia Paribahan etc transports are the direct bus services from Dhaka to Rangamati.

Main Tourist place in Rangamati

  • Hanging Bridge at Parjatan Complex
  • Kaptai Lake
  • Tribal Cultural Institute Museum
  • Shuvolong Waterfalls
  • Kaptai National Park
  • Rajban Bihar Pagoda
  • Peda Ting Ting
  • Chakma Raj Bari
  • Deputy Commissioner Bungalow area
  • Furamon Hill
  • Kaptai Hydro Electric Project etc.
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