In Chittagong District there are three hill tracts or hill district in Bangladesh. These are Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachori. Bandarban is the perfect place to visit in Bangladesh for the adventurous people who love wild hilly area. Main attraction of Bandarban in Bangladesh is lots of Trees, Hills, Waterfalls, Lakes and River with tribal culture.

map of bandarban

There are lots of tourist place in Bandarban. Such as Meghla and Nilachal, Upabon Parjatan Spot. Winter season is the best time to visit Bandarban. But in the rainy season the waterfall of Bandarban become robust and traveler will see the most attractive glance of this falls. There are some beautiful waterfalls in Bandarban. Such as Nafakhum, Jadipai Jhorna, Shoilo Propat and Rijuk Jhorna.

If you love to climb over-top then Chimbuk hill will be one of the best attraction. You will enjoy the journey to Chimbuk by jig jag hilly way and if you want to visit more top hill then Tajingdong and Keokradong is also there.

There are some beautiful natural lakes in Bandarban like Bogalakeand Prantik Lake. Boga Lake is the most beautiful natural lake in Bangladesh. The color of water of Bogalake is blue and very nice. During the winter season there are many tourists visit to Boga Lake every year. On the other hand Prantik Lake is also amazing place to visit. Prantik Lake is surrounded by many kinds of plants and trees. This Lake is an ideal place for travel who likes boating.

And Finally Sangu River is the complete part of the natural beauty of Bandarban. Sangu River is flowing through the hills thousands of years. Besides there are more beautiful place in Bandarban for visit.

Bandarban town is small town but there are many incredible place and tourist spot to visit Bandarban. There are many hotels, motels and nice hill resorts in Bandarban. Some resorts are situated on a hilltop and has a spectacular view. The more adventurous travelers can stay these resorts.

Traveler will find lots of natural beauties in Bandarban in Bangladesh. So welcome to all travelers to visit Bandarban and you will get all travel information from BandarbanTours.

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