Hanging Bridge


Hanging Bridge at Meghla

In Bandarban there are lots of tourist spots and these are well decorated for attracts tourist mind. Hanging bridge is one of them. Hanging Bridge is known as Jhulonto Shetu in Bengali. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation built some hanging bridge in Bandarban.

Some tourist spots become popular for hanging bridge. Hanging Bridge increases the beauty of the lake with surrounding natural environment. When a traveler crosses the hanging bridge he will obviously feel the natural serenity.

There are two attractive hanging bridges at Meghla Eco Park Bandarban.


Upabon Hanging Bridge, Bandarban

There is also a hanging bridge over the Upabon Lake which is longer than Meghla Parjatan hanging bridge. Besides there are more hanging bridges in some other locations of bandarban.

More info/Contact

For more information you can contact with us via email: info@bandarbantours.com or phone. @ +88 01856699910, +88 01856699911 (2pm-10pm).

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