Bandarban Transport Packages

Travelers have to need transportation to go one tourist spot to another tourist spot. Bandarban roads are zigzag. Sometimes it going to uphill and sometime it going to downhill. So travelers need an expert driver to move one place to another place. Bandarban local drivers are very expert to drive this zigzag way. For travel Bandarban hilly road it is better to use double gear vehicle. The travelers who will be stay couple of days at Bandarban he must be needs the transportation for roaming around as well. At the weekend it is sure there will be scarcity of transports if the traveler plan to book the car lately. So BandarbanTours are providing the transport as well. Bandarban Tours offer some Transport Package or Vehicle package for the interested tourists.

Transport Package–1: BandarbanGolden TempleMeghlaNilacholBandarban.

Transport Package–2: BandarbanMilonchoriShoilo PropatChimbukNilgiriBandarban.

Transport Package–3: BandarbanGolden TempleMeghlaNilacholMilonchoriShoilo PropatChimbukNilgiriBandarban.

Transport Package–4: BandarbanRumaBogalakeBandarban.

Transport Package–5: Bandarban to Coxsbazar or Coxsbazar to Bandarban.

Transport Package–6: Bandarban to Chittagong or Chittagong to Bandarban.

List of Transportation cost for visit:

Packages Tourist spots Price for 4-6 Seated Car Price for 12-14 Seated Jeep/Microbus
Package–1 BandarbanGolden TempleMeghlaNilacholBandarban Tk 5500/- (BDT) Tk 6000/- (BDT)
Package–2 BandarbanMilonchoriShoilo PropatChimbukNilgiriBandarban Tk 6000/- (BDT) Tk 6500/- (BDT)
Package–3 BandarbanGolden TempleMeghlaNilacholMilonchoriShoilo PropatChimbukNilgiriBandarban Tk 11000/- (BDT) Tk 12000/- (BDT)
Package-4 BandarbanRumaBogalakeBandarban. Tk 12000/- (BDT) Tk 14000/- (BDT)
Package-5 Bandarban to Coxsbazar or Coxsbazar to Bandarban Tk 6000/- (BDT) Tk 8000/- (BDT)
Package-6 Bandarban to Chittagong or Chittagong to Bandarban Tk 5000/- (BDT) Tk 6000/- (BDT)

* Tk. 3000/- will be added for night stay at Bogalake or Nilgiri.
* Include all fuel cost of transports.

* 15% Service Charge will be added.
* Price may vary depending on different factors.

Bandarban Tours Provide this types of transports.

14 Seated Prado Microbus

Bandarban Tour Package Car

Chander Gari

Bandarban Bangladesh Transport

More info/Contact

For Booking Transport you can contact with us via phone @ +88 01856699910, +88 01856699911 (2pm-10pm) or email:

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