Chittagong Hill Tracts Bangladesh

The Chittagong Hill Tracts is the combination of three hilly districts of Bangladesh Rangamati, Khagrachori and Bandarban districts. Chittagong Hill Tracts lies in the south-eastern corner in Bangladesh. Chittagong Hill Tracts is approximately one-tenth of the total area of Bangladesh. The total area of the Chittagong Hill Tracts is about 13,295 square kilometer. The Chittagong Hill Tracts is surrounded by Myanmar (Burma) on the south-east, the Indian part of Mizoram on the east, Tripura on the north and Chittagong district of Bangladesh on the west.

In Chittagong hill districts about 50 percent of the population are Tribal (Aborigine) and 48 percent of the peoples are Bengali Muslims. Tribal peoples are mainly the followers of Theravada Buddhism. And rest of the population is the followers of Hinduism, Christianity and Animism.

The local tribe communities are the Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Taungchengya, Chak, Pankho, Mru, Murung, Bawm, Lushai /Mizo, Khyang, Gurkha, Assamese, Santal and Khumi. Collectively they are known as Jumma. The tribal and non tribal populations of Chittagong hill districts are living with communal unity.

Karnafuli, Sangu, Matamuhuri and Feni are the main rivers in Chittagong hill districts. Geographically The Chittagong Hill Tracts is divided into two areas. One is hilly area and another is plain area.

There are lots of nice place and tourist spots in Chittagong Hill Tracks. Chittagong Hill Tracks is covered with hills, forest, rivers, lake, natural waterfalls, tall trees and creeper jungles. In the forest of Chittagong Hill Tracts there are lots of birds and animal found. More than 60 families of birds are found in Chittagong Hill Tracts and the fauna is mainly monkey, fox, jungle cat, fishing cat, wild boar, turtle, king cobra, python, snakes and other non-poisonous snakes, lizards, frog etc.

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