Beauty of Bogalake

Beauty of Bogalake

Beauty of Bogalake:

The beauty and charm of Boga lake is such a pleasure where nature has opened up all its sights without any hesitation for the tourist to grasp those beauties. And this pleasure and beauty can be seen and felt at the cost of a little adventurous journey and a bit bravery and confidence. There remains numerous delight and elements of beauty starting from the soft rocks lying in and out in a rhythmic way of the Boga Lake. The calm environment then makes the tourists familiar with the term beauty in peace. The bamboo bushes around the lake, the grass and the “kashful“, and the water lily and other plants contribute as like verse of a great poem of beauty. The travelers forget to take the breathe when the high mountains with the soft clouds on their embracing steeps appears in front of them around the magical Boga lake. The tiredness and toil of journey all are bound to wash away with the scenic beauty of the Boga Lake. The beauty is not only amplifying but it is also inspiring to fill the eyes with real and natural beauty.

Attractions of Boga Lake:

Boga Lake is one of those amazing beauties of this country and as well as this whole world that words will be too limited to describe its magical attractions. Boga lake offers such a beauty and attraction that the nature lovers feel pride inside to visit the Boga Lake. The calm and cool nature of the Boga lake takes the visitors miles away to a paradise of peace and beauty where nature hugs them with its all treasures to make the history. The beauty and attraction is diversified, sometimes it makes the travelers thrilled, sometimes it gives them peace and sometimes it makes them stunned with the incredibility of beauty. The attention of the travelers who are yearning for the unquenchable thirst for pleasure is highly recognized by the natural beauty of Boga Lake. It is such a magnetizing place which will keep the mind busy with astonishing beauty and attraction of its amazing mirror view of water resources, serpentine structure, zigzagging thin pathway with all other smallest elements around the Boga Lake.

Delights around the Boga Lake:

There are several ingredients around the lake to make the journey memorable. Organized camp fire during nights can be enjoyed fully and be an unfaded memory of life. Again swimming with friends in the mirror like crystal clear water can add a new dimension of pleasure during visiting the lake. The local inhabitants use the Boga lake water for their daily working and using purpose there.

Boga lake at the morning:

The fresh view of the morning Boga lake is more than enogh to make the mind busy for rest of the day with its captivating beauty. The moon sets slowly over the lake and then with a more slow pace the morning Sun peeps with his all beauty and power and amazing rays of light to wake the world of beauty up in front of its worshippers. The magic then starts with the reflection of numerous unseen colors and inexperienced beauty. The world of beauty begins to glow and slow, steady but strong and shaking beauty starts to emerge which keeps the eyes of the admires overwhelmed all day long.

Afternoon magic of the Boga lake:

The Sun with its magical lights can easily change and shape the beauty and charm of the Boga lake at the afternoon when the sun light starts to spread then the beauty also glows with the light of the Boga lake. Even the grass and dust also glows and spreads their beauty with the ray of sun. The sun dusking can make the tourists stunned again with eternal beauty indeed. When the afternoon sun starts hiding himself in the western hills, it creates a contrast of lights and shadows. The local grass and “kashful” waves with gentle breeze and the hilly sides seems to turn into real gold and thus the magical sun lights creates simple history for the photographers with its heavenly beauty which satisfies more than eyes and lenses through to our hearts` satisfaction.

Boga lake at night:

The color of the dark is endless. When the tourists stay at the Boga lake sometimes they get the lucky chance to experience the sight of full moon view during the Boga lake night. The beauty of the moon with its thousands of glorifying companion- night stars creates an unparallel beauty of joy and thrill. The reflection of the hills on the water through the moon light is bound to make the travelers of the Boga lake to be stunned with joy without any doubt there.

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