Nature of Bogalake

Boga Lake takes different looks during different nature:

Boga lake area, the surrounding and the way to reach Boga lake offers different elements of beauty during different nature. This diverse look of the Boga lake can be differentiated easily by a regular traveler of Boga lake. It will create thrill and diversity of beauty to the travelers of Boga lake too.

Boga lake During the rainy season:

The way Ruma to Boga lake is still under construction. There is basically two ways to go to Boga lake. One is through the `jhiripath` (jhiripot) and another is by the local vehicle `chander gari` and then keep trekking to reach to Boga lake. But the zigzag road or second way to Boga lake becomes not usable, dangerous and tricky to communicate during the rainy season because of mud and seasonal water, so, if the travelers want to enjoy the trekking side they will have to chose the winter to visit Boga lake. But it is also true that they will miss several elements of fresh, green beauty side which is offered by the nature during the rainy season if they chose the winter to visit. Though all these constrains are there but it should be also added that the lavish green beauty and fresh environment and fragrance of nature in the Boga Lake which is offered during the rainy season with the small drops of rains cannot be compared with any other elements of beauty.

Boga lake during the winter season:

The trip to Boga lake can be most interesting, amazing and adventurous during the winter season undoubtedly because the historical trekking of 7 hours almost 22 km can only be possible in the winter. It is also possible for the trekkers because of not having mud or rain. The sky remains clear and weather remains cool. The lofty, zigzag roads become interesting and the trekkers become enthusiastic to make the journey indeed. It is true that without this dry and cold weather the trekking is in a word impossible so the thrill remains undone. But there is also a sign of burn and barren atmosphere due to the wintery laziness of the nature of the Boga lake and the freshness of the nature remains hidden there. The lack of green signs turns into the color of burned charcoal in the Boga Lake. The roads are dusty and the atmosphere is dry. Although the nature hides its real beauty during the winter season but the dusty, rough roads are the only way to trek to Boga Lake during the winter and so for the travelers and tourists the winter comes with its own beauty and advantages to have a great trip to the thrilling Boga Lake.

Hibernate from the chaos of life with Boga lake:

The confusing and monotonous city life when makes our life boring and tasteless then it is needed to visit something different. The same sight of beauty and nature, sometimes also makes our trip meaningless. And for those nature lovers who want to feel every thrill and experience every cone of beauty Boga lake is awaiting for them with all its kind resources of beauty to make them overwhelmed all the way indeed.

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