Precautions before Trekking Bogalake

Precautions before trekking the Boga Lake

Travelers should have to be enough confident about trekking a long way and also to be energetic and mentally prepared to walk almost 7 hours through almost 22 km hilly roads indeed/ They can carry some energy drinks with them. But it is also important that they should carry as less stuffs as possible to make their journey easier to Bogalake. Trekkers should carry with them some energy drinks, painkillers. Medicine, saline, glucose, insecticides and be very careful about mosquito’s and insects.

Malaria affected zone, Boga lake

Commonly Boga Lake is and surrounding Bandarban area is called the Malaria affected zone. So, the travelers have to take necessary precautions while travelling the Boga lake area, such as

  • Travelers should take relative medicines with them to Boga lake.
  • Tourists should be careful about local mosquito and insects.
  • They should carry with them mosquito resistant spray and other stuffs to keep themselves safe in the Boga lake area.
  • They should try their best not to be affected to happily enjoy the sight and beauty of Boga lake.
  • Tourists should also consult with some doctors before visiting the Boga lake area.
  • They should have to carry first aid box and particular medicines with them with them for emergency.
  • Malaria prophylaxis is highly advisable. Avloquin and Malacide are two popular local brands of the drugs which should be purchased as early as possible.
  • In the case of emergency, Bandarban District Hospital has arguably the best treatment and research facilities for malarial treatment in Bangladesh.

Precautions and consciousness

  • Be careful about using local water.
  • Travelers can carry their own mineral water but they should keep in mind that they have to carry those in the hilly areas with them.
  • Tourists have to pack their bags in water resistant bags.
  • They should avoid heavy loads to Bogalake.
  • It is easy and safe to use back packs then other kind of bags or luggage.
  • Avoid about acting in a hurry.
  • Take slow steps while walking otherwise travelers may get tired in a very short time.
  • Tourists always should have to be nature friendly.
  • It is their major duty to keep the nature clean.
  • Be friendly with the local inhabitants.
  • Be careful and seek permission from the ethnic people before taking photographs.
  • Travelers should carry water purifying tablets with them.
  • While trekking it feels damn tiredness to those who are not habituated. So, they should store much more energy to reach to the dreamt destination Boga Lake.
  • Patients and weak and faint hearted persons are strictly requested not to travel to Boga Lake for their safe and secure mind and life indeed.
  • Dust and dirt Allergic should take extra care of them because the way can be compared with the paradise of dust to Boga Lake.
  • Luggage should have to be carried individually while trekking so, be careful about their quantity and curse the extra load strictly.
  • But in another way vehicles can reach Boga Lake with some risk. So, they can carry those luggages, but it is also not free from the risk of being lost actually.
  • It is better for the travelers not to interfere or interrupt in local tribes` personal matters like zum cultivation or deforestation. Obviously it is not legal or required. But we should keep in mind that that place is considered to be their own and none should interrupt while visiting the place. It will add nothing but just problems. If it is wrong then they can complain later through governmental authority. And it is also safe for both.


The travelers should have to be careful about their safety and security. They have to register their name, number and contact address and other important stuffs in the respective security camp before going to Bogalake. It is also restricted that travelers cannot leave Ruma after 4 pm because of the security purpose. But it is still true that after taking all these precautions, western or modern culture tourists can also consider Boga lake as a great security risk which is as well as adventurous too. All non-Bangladeshis are required to contact and register with the local police in Bandarban.

Local animals of the Boga lake area

Along with local animals and snakes colorful lizards and local lizards are animals of attraction there around the Boga Lake.

Some important advice to follow during the journey to Boga Lake

  • Price may vary with different indicators. So, be careful before fixing price.
  • Try to avoid unknown persons and strangers on the way.
  • Time calculation is the most important part of the journey to convert it into good or bad experience.
  • One cannot leave for Boga lake after 4pm. Time should be planned with this factor.
  • It is better to start the journey in a group. It is safe too then.
  • The local inhabitants have unbelievable power and strength. They can squeeze anywhere.
  • The travelers should have to mentally and physically prepared for a tough and heard journey.
  • There are two ways to go to Bogalake – Ruma and jhiripath. Those who are young and enthusiastic they can try both the ways for experience and adventure.
  • The Sangu boat schedule is 8.00am and 12.00pm like that very long distance time so; to save our time and energy we should be careful about schedule and time conscious indeed.
  • Extra energetic for hiking.
  • Proper time calculation is needed.
  • The tribal cottages is not so costly .one can stay per night 100 Tk only.


Simply words will be limited to describe the charm and thrill, beauty and adventure of the unparallel creature Boga Lake. And it will also not be fare trying to do so. Because the beauty and charm of the Boga lake not only satisfies our eyes but also fills our heart with peace of beauty. And until an individual experiences the beauty himself, the peace of the beauty remains incomplete. And that is why if the worshippers of the nature once discovers the treasure of peace and beauty of Boga lake, then they never gives up satisfying their heart with the unique beauty again and again. And thus the natural creature of our country-Bogalake has become the source of beauty, fame, peace as well as pride all over the world.

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